Sometimes they will surprise you

We were at Bed Bath and Beyond to buy a foam pillow for ergonomic reasons — too personal to explain here, but not related to sleeping positions (or any other kind of position, for that matter, in the sense of “position” meaning anything scatological or, I daresay, fun) — and Hobbes did not approve.

Not of the pillow, so much, as of change itself. For a child, he is not a fan of anything that requires exertion. Things like getting into the car, say, or once inside the car, getting out. I didn’t give birth to a son, all those years ago. I had Newton’s first law.

“I want to stay in the car with daddy,” he informed us en route.

“Daddy’s going in the store,” I said.

“Then I want to stay in the car with Mommy,” he said.

“Mommy’s going into the store too,” I said.

He gave that some thought. “Then I want to say in the car myself,” he announced. One had to admire his persistence and give him credit for optimism, if not sense.




On the way out, I found him shepherding a little girl, much the same size but slightly younger, away from the automatic doors.

“No no,” he said officiously. “you shouldn’t go outside without your mommy.”

Which proves that he does actually listen when I tell him the rules, even if he thinks I only mean them to apply to everybody else.


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