I was hacked.


So it appears that this happened at some point in the long desert stretch of time that I didn’t bother to update (or even look at) this site. Random users who were getting here through links in google+ were being redirected to pharmaceutical spam — both ironic and deeply annoying, but ultimately not critical. At least, I don’t think it was critical; it looks like it was traffic generation, as opposed to something more severe like, say, keystroke reading or genetic engineering. Nobody visited the site and then ended up a Tribute to Panem or anything like that, is what I’m trying to say.

The Guy spent a frustrating evening doing some cleanup, and the end result is that the site is clean. It’ll be another day or two before I’m done doing other kinds of maintenance: updating plugins, fixing links, trying to figure out why I have two sets of subscribe and share buttons, neither of which seem to work — stuff like that. There’s a reason that I’m not a linux admin, besides the fact that I suck at linux (and should I be capitalizing that word? I don’t even know. See? That’s how hard I suck at linux.) This is because I find system admin work so boring, I’d rather fill 200 pound bags of sand USING CHOPSTICKS than do it. In fact, I find it so boring, I can’t even finish this sente

I’ve started thinking about moving the responsibility of maintenance to suckers my husband people who are experts in the field, rather than going at it in the ad hoc, can’t-really-be-bothered way that I do it now. Maybe a transfer to is in order? True, I don’t spend a lot of time on this site, but after so many years it feels like giving up just to shut it down now. After all, you never know. I might start blogging more regularly someday. True, my attention span isn’t going to be getting any better the older I get — in fact, just yesterday I suddenly realized I didn’t have any pants on, and had no idea how I’d gotten where I was. Fortunately, I also realized I was sitting on a toilet, so I was at least able to figure out why I was there.

…dammit. Where was I going with this?

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  1. Pam:

    Please don’t stop writing!!!!

  2. Yuhri:

    I don’t know if you could call it “stop” writing when I hardly ever write to begin with–! But even if I moved to WordPress, I’d probably blog there now and again. Sometimes. About as much as I do here, come to think of it, which is next door to Never, and across the street from Hardly.

  3. Pam:

    Oh, ok – well, as long as you continue to write at least sometimes, do what you must.

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