Family history in the making….

I’ve been working on scanning old photo albums and learning the stories behind them. The generations that have come before me have been remarkable, living through wars and famine and political upheaval and the changing of an age, but they’re fading away fast. Aunt Michi is the last one of her immediate family alive; if I want stories of my father’s childhood and my great-grandfather, she is the only one left I can ask. My mother’s side is longer-lived, but they’re also fading: my mother will be 70 in 2009, and my grandmother is already in her 90s.

Time moves fast. I’m working on catching up.

In no particular order, pages under construction:

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  1. Jo Rothemund:

    Hi, I just wanted to know if you are a sibling in the Primrose family(William, Hiroko and children). I grew up with this family in Wollongong, Australia. Would love to get in touch again,


  2. yhirata:

    Belatedly, I’m afraid I’m not a sibling. I was a friend of Mrs. Primrose — or rather, since I was really too young to be a friend, my family was friends with Mrs. Primrose — and we spent many summers with her as we were growing up, meeting at one workshop after another. It was a sad day for all of us when she passed away, and I remember her with great fondness. I’m not familiar with any of her children, but I will ask my mother; she might know how they can be reached.

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